Over the years, SENTRYSAFE has become a name of trust among gun owners for their highly featured gun safes. It has become one of the best and competitive brands in the gun safe market. The SENTRYSAFE team works with a view to serving the best safety to their customers. The brand is well-known for its innovative and intelligent safe technologies. So lets dig into sentrysafe qap1be review…



Whenever you own a gun, you will feel the need for a safe to secure it. Besides, those who want to keep their guns at home or office have to think about the better safety of their valuables. As gun accidents are very common nowadays, so there is no option for you to leave your gun insecurely at home or office. Again, gun thefts are also at an alarming rate. For all these reasons, owning a gun safe is very crucial. And only a good gun safe can relieve you from all these pains. Thinking about your concerns, SENTRYSAFE has revealed the QAP1BE BIOMETRIC QUICK ACCESS PISTOL SAFE Review.

This innovatively designed pistol safe has earned huge appreciation from the consumers and gun enthusiasts. The most impressive thing for this safe is the biometric lock system and the quick entry facility. Single-handed locking operation makes the product easier to use. There is also electric combination keypad locking and override key to avoiding any trouble if the biometric fails ever.  A 12 gauge solid steel construction has made it pry and burglar resistant. And most amazingly, this safe performs all its responsibilities quietly. A compression gas strut opens the lid as quiet as the whisper. The unit can hold one handgun easily inside.

Product Detail:




DIMENSION: 6.6 x 9.7 x 2.2 inches





  • Shell Architecture: This safe has got an amazingly durable 12 gauge solid steel body material. Comparing to other products with the same size, this one is made from the strongest material. Safes like 6.6 x 9.7 x 2.2 inches dimension are very rare tocome with this type of heavy body material. As a result, it can keep your valuables free from any prying attempts.


  • Locking Mechanism:The best thing for this safe is the biometric locking system. The scanner lets you program itself with the storage space for 4 fingerprints. The biometric lock is very easy and convenient to program. The scanner can read your fingerprints quickly and reliably that is very impressive for any emergency situations.You don’t have to press any buttons to awake the biometric scanner. Just put your finger on the scanner to unlock the unit. It means there will be no waste of time and your gun’s safety will be as unique as your fingerprints.


  • The SENTRYSAFE QAP1BE is also equipped with a digital keypad locking mechanism and an override key. It allows multiple entries to the safe. The keypad combination is also programmable allowing up to 2 users. The override key performs as a backup entry option in case of power failure or any other technical malfunctions. So, this biometric and key combination locks can perfectly perform its duty without making you tensed. And multiple entries lets you reach your handgun whenever and however you want.


  • Single-handed quick entry:The SENTRYSAFE QAP1BE’s biometric scanner wakes up without pressing any additional button and delivers your handgun. That means you can unlock the unit through a single-handed operation.  Again, a built-in gas strut automatically opens the lid. So, you don’t have to pull up the lid using another hand. You can call 911 with one hand while unlocking the safe with another.


  • Gun Storage:The interior allows you to keep one J or K size revolver or a full-size semi-automatic handgun. The storage space is impressive according to the size of the safe.


  • Quiet Entry: Like other gun safes, this product does not make any beep or metallic noises during unlocking. A gas strut opens and holds the lid without making any chaos. The biometric scanner and the digital keypad also have no beep or alert tones. So, you can reach your gun more securely with this intelligent safe.


  • Pre-drilled mounting holes:On the bottom side, there exist pre-drilled holes to secure the safe with your drawer or on the floor. The manufacturer provides mounting hardware with every purchase.


  • CA DOJ Approved:The California Department of Justice (CA DOJ) has certified this safe. That means the safe has successfully met the gun safety laws of the state. Such certification is really a great achievement for any gun safe.



PROS SentrySafe qap1be review:

  • Made from solid, pry resistant 12 gauge steel
  • Programmable Biometric scanner with 4 fingerprint storage space
  • Programmable digital keypad allowing up to 2 users
  • Noiseless and single-handed entry
  • Capable of holding 1 J or K size or 1 full sized semi-automatic handgun
  • Backup key provided to use during technical failure
  • Pre-drilled holes for mounting

CONS SentrySafe qap1be review:            

  • No alert tones to recognize unlocking
  • Can hold only one handgun
  • Battery power failure may create disturbance
  • Interior is not cushioned with thick foam that can leave scratches on your valuable



Finally, it is worth saying that the SENTRYSAFE QAP1BE BIOMETRIC QUICK ACCESS PISTOL SAFE is amazing. It has got all the capabilities that should remain in a better handgun safe. It is compact in size and easy to use. No matter it is your home or office, this safe will work for you responsibly. So, if you think that this is the best suite for you, then do not hesitate to grab it first.

Thats All about SENTRYSAFE QAP1BE BIOMETRIC QUICK ACCESS PISTOL SAFE Review. For more Review you can read our expert best gun safe review page


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