MESA SAFE COMPANY MBF6032E 14 Cubic Foot 30 Rifle Gun Safe Review

Lets get into MESA SAFE COMPANY MBF6032E 14 Cubic Foot 30 Rifle Gun Safe Review


Are you a professional gunner or a collector?


Do you have to deal with multiple long-rifles and guns every day?

If you do so, then ensuring safety to your valuables is surely a major concern. Small handguns are likely to be stored in MESA SAFE COMPANY MBF6032E 14 Cubic Foot 30 Rifle Gun Safelightweight and portable safes. But when it is the matter of long guns, then you have to think about something big, heavy and permanent. There are numerous safe companies that are working relentlessly to provide you with the best solutions to this worry. The MESA SAFE COMPANY is one of them. They are researching for years in quest of better safety for the multiple long-gun owners.


Our today’s top selection is the MESA SAFE MBF6032E 14 Cubic Foot 30 Rifle Gun Safe review with the digital lock.

MESA safe company’s MBF series gun safes are well reputed for their burglar safety and fireproof architectures. Like other models, the MBF6032E has got the same popularity among the gun enthusiasts worldwide. The 670lbs gun safe is made from heavy duty solid steel with digital locking system onboard and many more safety features.


Now, So, let’s take a look inside the box!

Product Detail:


Model: MBF6032E

Product weight: 670lbs

Dimensions:  22 x 32 x 59 inches

Battery Required: Yes

Battery included: Yes


Features of MESA SAFE COMPANY MBF6032E 14 Cubic Foot 30 Rifle Gun Safe:

  • Safety ensured: The MBF6032E is made from a heavy-duty 12 gauge and 1.5-inch thick solid steel. The solid steelMesa safe review helps to ensure total safety to your valuables and ammunitions by being drill and punch resistant. It seems to be very hard to break or pry. The safe weighs 670 lbs. That means once the safe is placed, it is not easy to move or lift. So, without hauling tools, it is totally impossible for the thieves to steal the vault.  It also gets four (4) anchor holes as an added safety. So you can secure your safetothe floor permanently. Actually, this five feet tall safe is capable of taking the responsibilities of your guns and ammo.


  • Locking Mechanism: Don’t get hopeless to see the old-fashioned handle on the door. This is only for the decoration purpose and will not affect the security levels. The main locking system runs through 9-volt battery power controlled by an electronic keypad. That is protected by a punch activated spring-loaded relocking device. The security code can be set or changed through the electronic keypad. The lock also features time-delay programming. 4 live bolts and 3 dead bolts, each with the dimension of 1’, provide extra safety to the safe. The 4 thick and solid live bolts enter into the safe’s body and make it safe from burglary. 3 dead bolts provide door removal protection at the time of forced entry. So, punching or bumping will not be fruitful to break or snoop. The whole locking mechanism is protected by drill resistant plates. A backup key feature is also available for any emergency situation.


  • Roomy Interior: The safe interior is designed to store multiple long guns and other valuables quite comfortably. With 14 cubic feet interior storage space, the safe can hold maximum 30 long-guns inside it. The door panel, walls and all the shelves are completely upholstered. A gray carpeting covers the safe interior as well as the door that gives total comfort to your valuables.The carpeting inside is also much durable that is able to save your guns and ammunition from bumps and scratches. There is also two pre-drilled holes to connect with a dehumidifier. That means you have the freedom to place it in any environment.


  • Customizable Shelves:  All the interior shelves are customizable. It lets you decorate the interior storage according to your will. You can add or close storage spaces by the way you want. That means can you change the number of guns and other valuables. For example, you can set the interior to keep only loaded with maximum 30 rifles. Again, you can reduce the rifle number by adjusting the shelf combination and make space for handguns, ammo or valuable documents.


  • Fire tested: The MESA MBF6032E have passed 1-hour long fire test under 1750 degree Fahrenheit. The unit is coated with fireproof materials. Means, this safe will protect your weapons from any sort of fire accidents up to 1 hour. This is a clear indication of strong and durable construction of the product.


  • Drop Tested: After having all trials and failures to destroy the safe, criminals may try tothrow it from higher places. And this is going to be another failure. Luckily, the unit is also drop tested. Manufacturers claim that this product was thrown from a 2-story height and it survived. So, dropping from balcony, roof top or any type of higher places matters nothing to the MBF6032E.


  • Made from 12 gauge and 1.5 inches thick, solid steel
  • 14 cubic inch inner space that can hold up to 30 rifles
  • Burglar resistant construction
  • Built-in holes to connect dehumidifiers
  • Drill resistant plate protected
  • Fireproof up-to 1 hour
  • Electric Keypad with punch activated spring loaded relocking system
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Anchor holes to secure with floor permanently
  • Emergency backup key feature
  • Battery powered


  • Electric locks may fail
  • Battery failure can make it boring
  • No soft foaming inside that may lead to scratches

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Above all the discussions, it is worth saying that the MESA SAFE MBF6032E is a better competitor in the best gun safe arena. Maybe it’s not the highest, but you cannot deny it. It works incredibly well and undoubtedly safe. It’s not only a safe but also a better investment for the future. It keeps your valuables safe from both theft and fire. Finally, it has the capacity to pack all your rifles, ammunitions, and their valuable documents. So, if you are looking for such a product that can serve you the maximum, then do not wait to try this MESA!

Thats all about MESA SAFE COMPANY MBF6032E 14 Cubic Foot 30 Rifle Gun Safe Review.

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