First Alert 5200DF portable Handgun Safe Review

In last 50 years, the brand FIRST ALERT has become one of the most popular or known brands for life and home safety products over the modern world. This safety brand works with a mission to serve their customers a better as well as safer life holding the quality of assurance and readiness. This brand has already earned numerous appreciation for their gun safety products.

Actually, the reasons are many why you have to take your gun with you on-the-go or keep it in your living place. Having unauthorized access to your handgun while you are not at home can become more fatal to you or your family. So, keeping your firearm safe or inaccessible from intruders is an important issue nowadays.


First Alert 5200DF Review:

FIRST ALERT always pays high attention in solving this security issues of your firearms. And as a succession of this motto, they have unleashed their product naming First Alert 5200Df Portable Handgun Safe or Pistol safe which is actually a fully portable, quick entry and more handy gun safe solution pack.

This model contains a perfect mixture of easy accessibility and reliability. This quick entry gun safe system has an 18 gauge steel wall with a spring-loaded door locking system and the whole product comes in a powder-coated finishing. The First Alert 5200Df  is designed to be the puzzle for those who need not to get the reach of your firearms.






BATTERIES: 4 AA batteries



DIMENSIONS: 3.5 x 9.3 x 11.5 inches

KEY FEATURES of this First alert safe:


QUICK ENTRY: This quick entry First Alert 5200Df Portable safe ennobles its user to get access to it just within seconds without remembering or typing any security combination. This product comes with “no see” based keypad having 3-8 digit codes that are programmable and runs fully electronically. Once the correct passcode is entered, the spring-loaded locking mechanism is opened which means it takes no extra time to perform in emergency situations.There is also a braille indicating panel for the blinds. The whole system runs off a 9-volt powered battery which generally provides 8 hours battery backup.

The First Alert 5200DF handgun safe has a six lever key lock system, which ensures the safety of your gun from intruding or any unauthorized access. These six levels provide more durability to the safe.


PORTABILITY: In spite of making of 18 gauge heavy steel, this product is too much portable or handy to carry on-the-go. Which means carrying it in your car or store it in your home is easier.

DURABLE SHELL ARCHITECTURE: The shell material of the safe contains 18 gauge heavy and durable steel that seems to be capable of giving a totally hassle free security to your gun.

CUSHIONED INTERIOR: There is no denying the fact that your gun is one of your valuable partners. So, keeping it safe from any crush or scratch is a major concern. The FIRST ALERT 5200DF GUNSAFE has a foam lined cushioned interior, which saves your valuables from being crushed or scratched and provides it with the better comfort. This also protects your ammos from joggling around and getting lost under the apertures of the case.

It also includes a 1500lbs tested steel cable and predrilled mounted holes as an added security to secure it to the shelf or to the floor.

ENOUGH SPACE FOR ONE PISTOL: The safe has sufficient room to store one pistol inside it with ease. The 3.5 x 9.3 x 11.5 inches dimension proves it to be more convenient and advisable for one pistol with ammunition.

CERTIFIED BY CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE(CA DOJ): The Department ofJustice, CA has certified the FIRST ALERT 5200DF GUNSAFE or PISTOL SAFE. Recommendation by this agency is undoubtedly a good achievement for this product. CA DOJ recommends this gun safe- means they prescribe it to their own personnel for security and reliability.

PROS of First Alert 5200DF Review:

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Quick accessibility
  • Portability or ease of carrying
  • Built in “NO SEE” bypass key
  • No such noise like alarm or beep during opening the safe
  • Strong but lightweight architecture
  • Long lasting battery life up to 8 hours
  • Spring-loaded locking operation
  • 1500lbs tested steel cable and predrilled mounted holes for extra security
  • Enough roomy for storing one gun with ammunitions
  • 5 years warranty
  • CA DOJ certified

CONS of First Alert 5200DF Review:

  • Multiple access codes are not useable
  • Does not allow storing more than one gun
  • Sometimes battery operated mechanism may become bothering as it needs to be charged
  • No alarm on the safe



In this stage of discussion, after having a close view of the product, it is sure that the FIRST ALERT 5200DF PORTABLE HANDGUN or PISTOL SAFE is undoubtedly a reliable and basic solution to gun safety. He who deserves to get the basic safety for his valuables can go for this product without hesitation. The features show that this safe will capable of meeting its owner’s expectation or even more than expectation.

This safe is well equipped with the basic safety needs of its consumer having the better locks with strong and solid type design. And 5200DF also protects the valuables from any bumps or scratches through its foamed interior finishing. On top of all these, this safe is also very cost friendly. So, this product comes with the complete and all the specifications that the best gun safe should contain in it.


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