Best Gun Safe for the Money

Gun safes are not only for the guns, even you know or not this is the most popular item as money safe in the US. You can keep your money, important documents or valuable stuffs like that inside it. Here well be discussing about Best Gun Safe for the Money.

Well, any gun safe will do but If you’re looking for the best one then welcome to this post. We’ll discuss the features that will show the difference between a gun safe and a gun safe for the money and will review the best 3 from Amazon that really are best gun safe for the money.

If you have already read any article on it, then you may be thinking that buying a gun safe for the money is confusing or tough task. Yeah, many of them are making it that tough and confusing having a big ZERO experience or knowledge about it. And what they say makes no sense. You’ll never gonna make it right if I start confusing you from the first, right? Well, It may be tricky but easy. As its not about just a Gun safe that you want to secure only your fire arm.

So there are some features that require to be a money safe like fireproofing. Most of the gun safes will do 60%-70% As a money safe but Some features that not must for the normal even for the best gun safe but is required to be the best gun safe for the money that makes it perfect up to 100%.


Let’s see those features to know before buying the best gun safe for the money–

  • Size: Size of the gun safe is an important factor to consider while buying it. Most of the gun safe users get a wrong size gun safe. As most of the manufacturers use the Dimension of the product is not the inside dimension, so it’s better to choose a bigger one than that you think you need. As the car gun safe are never gonna be standard for a money safe, you see?


  • Fire Rating and protection: If you’re buying an ordinary gun safe then ok but if you’re needing it as a money safe then it’s really important to care about fire proofing and rating. Make sure you’re safe is capable of protecting its content at least for 30 minutes if it caught fire.


  • Weight: Why weight is important? A thief or burglar may not open your gun safe instantly but if that’s lightweight and small it can be carried away. So choose it with a standard weight that will make it harder to carry.


  • Perfect shaped: All gun safes are not same designed and shaped. Well, it really matters getting the best gun safe for the money. A Rectangular shaped gun safe is the best for this type of use.


  • Your Demand: Believe it or not you’re the only advisor who knows what you really need. So trust yourself not anyone else.


Now !

Where Will you get the best gun safe for money?

Well as we’ve already know most of the gun safe will do almost 70% protection of your money. Remember the consideration and grab yours.

No one can promise you to give bank locker quality safety just by a safe but We’ve researched some best gun safe for the money for you that really are good.

Here’s our top list- { ssss}


First Alert 2096DF Fireproof Safe Review:

So, Our experts say This model is the #1 by its features. First Alert 2096DF is not only Fireproof Safe but this is waterproof also to take care of your valuables properly. If you want to ensure 100% of the safety and security, this is just for you.

1 Hour of fire and water proofing tested with an amazing result. Even if the temperature is 1700 deg Fahrenheit it will still be around 350 deg Fahrenheit inside the safe. It’s been tested that even a DVD disk which is made of thin plastic is safe inside, So I don’t think you need any reference or example to make you believe about its safety.

The weight is gigantically 145 pounds which make it impossible to carry by any burglar and the thickness of its body and a perfect finishing Construction of door and body makes impossible to break into it.

I don’t know if you’re going to open a bank but 19.69 by 13.50 by 13.88 inches and a capacity of 2.1 cubic feet is real big for home use. And this is stupid but let me say there is enough room for Guns, Jewelry, Money, and other important document and valuables at a time.

Product Details:

Weight: 145 pounds

Size: 2.14 Cubic Foot

Dimensions: (25 x 23 x 19) inches

Lock Type: Digital Combination Lock

Fire Resistant: up to 930 degrees C for one hour

Water Resistant: Waterproof even when fully submerged

SentrySafe SFW123DSB 1.23 Cubic Feet Review:

SentrySafe SFW123DSB 1.23 Cubic Feet Combination Fire-Safe, Medium Grey is one of the best gun safe by SentrySafe. This brand has been a global leader in the safe industry for over 80 years, producing more fire-safe security containers than any other company in the world protecting your important and irreplaceable valuables from theft, fire, water.

SentrySafe SFW123DSB model comes with dual combination lock & key.. The safe weighs 90 pounds which is great as we said. It can serve as fire-proof protection for important paperwork, as well as protecting valuables from thieves. The safe can be bolted down for extra security from theft, but it loses its water-resistance when you do that.

The push-button electronic lock is easy to use. You dont have to remember to turn left, then right, or go past a number before settling on it again. Just push the buttons, watch the light turn green, and pull the handle down. Done. Though the safe comes with a factory code, you can program it to use another code thats easier to remember. Then you dont have to worry about losing your owners manual or forgetting the code.

This safe is water-proof, fire-proof, and hard to break into.  The keypad also has a light that flashes when the battery is low, and a red light that tells you the code you entered was wrong. If you make three wrong guesses it will go into delay mode, which shuts down the lock system for 2 minutes.

Product Details:

Weight: 90 pounds

Size: 1.23 Cubic Foot

Dimensions: (19.3 x 16.3 x 17.8) inches

Lock Type: Digital Combination Lock

Fire Resistant: Yes

Water Resistant: Waterproof up to 8 inches for 24 hours

Barska Biometric safe Review 

Barska Biometric safe, Perhaps one of the best gun safe in the market for money and other valuable stuff with fingerprint

access. 16.5″ Wide x 7.75″ Tall x 14.5″ Depth with 31 pounds of weight has enough room to store multiple handgun and other valuables.

Though it’s not fireproof but .25 inch solid Steel is definitely enough to ensure your safety. It has easily programmable fingerprint scanner biometric technology and can store 30 different fingerprints in memory. This allows you to give access whom you want and restrict others from opening.

Yeah, its fingerprint scanner needs the battery but you don’t need to worry about that for two years once changed! That’s definitely cool. Whatever, if you forget the date I mean if that battery goes down? You’re getting 2 manual backup keys for that kind of situation. But don’t worry, if the battery is getting low, you’ll be notified with three repetitive beeps.

As I’ve told you this is not fire rated but very effective safe and almost impossible to break into it without using a heavy instrument.

Product Details:

Weight: 28 pounds

Dimensions: (16.5 x 7.75 x 14.25) inches

Lock Type: Biometric Lock

Fire Resistant: No

Water Resistant: No

That’s all about the best gun safe for the money, Chose wisely And no excuse in safety and security.

Thank You.

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